Experience Design @ Folkwang University of the Arts

The Folkwang University of Arts is the central place for artistic training in music, theatre, dance, design and academic studies in Germany. In line with the Folkwang idea of the cross-disciplinary of the arts, a plurality of different art forms and disciplines has been united under one roof since 1927.  The Experience Design group, headed by Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl, explores design between the material and experiential, touching upon industrial, interaction and critical design.

Scientific staff:

Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl (head)

Dipl. Des. Lars Amhoff

Dipl. Des. Wei-Chi Chien

Dr. Sarah Diefenbach

Dipl. Des. Kai Eckoldt

Holger Klapperich, MA Critical Practice

Dr. Matthias Laschke

Dipl. Des. Eva Lenz

M.Sc. psych Thies Schneider

Dr. Stefan Queisser

Dipl. Des. Julika Welge

Team assistant:

Petra Schmidt


Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni

Robin Neuhaus

Torben Körschkes

Daniel Wilkens

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