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August 29, 2013

DPPI’13 starts today!

Eva Lenz, Kai Eckoldt, Wei-Chi Chen, Matthias Laschke and Martin Knobel from our partner BMW Research and Technology will present on this year’s Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces in Newcastle.


Wednesday, September 4., 13:25., The Whisper Pillow. A Study of Technology-Mediated Emotional Expression in Close Relationships by Wei-Chi Chien, Sarah Diefenbach and Marc Hassenzahl

Wednesday, September 4., 13.50., Become a Member of the Last Gentlemen: Designing for Prosocial Driving by Martin Knobel, Marc Hassenzahl, Simon Männlein, Melanie Lamara, Josef Schumann, Kai Eckoldt, Matthias Laschke, Andreas Butz

Wednesday, September 4., 14:30., Overcoming Procrastination with ReMind by Matthias Laschke, Marc Hassenzahl, Jan Brechmann, Eva Lenz and Marion Digel

Wednesday, September 4., 17:10., Exploring Relationships Between Interaction Attributes and Experience by Eva Lenz, Sarah Diefenbach and Marc Hassenzahl. This is a result of our proTACT project.

Thursday, May 02., 09:40., Alternatives: Exploring the Car’s Design Space from an Experience-Oriented Perspective by Kai Eckoldt, Marc Hassenzahl, Matthias Laschke and Martin Knobel
We’re looking forward to meeting you!