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April 24, 2012

Freude durch Technik?! Keynote auf der tekom Frühjahrstagung

Am Donnerstag, den 26. April 2012, bin ich auf der tekom Frühjahrstagung 2012 und widme mich der Frage, wie Technik Freude bereiten kann. Und wer schon immer mal etwas über die Freuden des Fahradfahrens wissen wollte, schaut mal hier.

Die Redakteuse schreibt.

April 24, 2012

Design theater in the rolling classroom

April 11, 2012

Warsaw, I am coming …

Fourteen years ago, I gave a talk at a workshop organized by Marcin Sikorski and Matthias Rauterberg on “Transferring usability engineering to industry”. I was a student then (Jochen  Prümper took me along and Edmund Buchbinder was with us as well), and I faintly remember staying in Zoppot, visiting Gdansk and the organ in Oliwa, having been in a discotheque with Nigel Bevan … and I believe Juri Kirakowski was singing songs after dinner. Unfortunatly, no photos and audio recording were taken. (Phones didn’t have cameras back then.)

Now, it’s time to visit Poland again … Polish IA Summit 2012, next Thursday, 19.04.2012, 9:00. Aga Szostek promised “traditional Polish cuisine”, which involves somehow “roasted duck”.

I was there (picture by Agata Rączewska) … the duck was wonderful and the beer plentiful. Thanks to Aga and the polish IA summit!