User Experience and Experience Design

Have you ever dreamt of a high quality encyclopedia explaining key concepts in the design of humane technology? It is there and it is free!

Attention: Paul Hekkert, professor at ID Studiolab in Delft and chairman of the Design and Emotion Society wrote a new comment on my chapter. Have a look!

Rikke Friis Dam and Mads Soegaard do a wonderful job of developing and maintaining, a hub for all people interested in the design of technology – no matter whether you call yourself an HCI, IxD, UX, IA, or Usability person. The latest addition is the Encyclopedia featuring chapters by John M. Carroll, Jonas Lowgren, and Alan Blackwell – to name just a few. It comprises of seven chapters so far, and it is continuously growing.

I was happy to contribute a chapter on User Experience and Experience Design, complete with a four-part video interview, and considerate commentaries by Eric Reiss, Don Norman, Mark Blythe (yet to come) and Whitney Hess.

Mentioned on: InfoDesign, Whitney Hess’ blog, DesignMess, ResearchPath, Melodies in Marketing

Here are some teasers:

I open my eyes. Lush light floods the room, birds chatter. It is only 6:30 o’clock in the morning, but I feel well-rested and alive; time to get up, to brew some coffee. Are you jealous of my morning routine? Were you startled out of your sleep by a merciless alarm clock? Was it dark outside, no birds around, and did you feel groggy and bleary-eyed?

This chapter is about experiences created and shaped through technology (aka User Experience) and how to deliberately design those. The wake-up experience created by an alarm clock substantially differs from the experience created by sunrise and happy birds. The question is whether we can create technology which understands the crucial features of sunrise and birds and which succeeds in delivering a similar experience, even when the sun refuses to shine and the birds have already left for Africa.

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And the first part of the video interview:

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2 Comments to “User Experience and Experience Design”

  1. I loved this interview! Thanks so much! Quite a few eye-opners for me πŸ™‚

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