Data Ecologies 2014


Meet Eva on Data Ecologies symposium in Linz!

Any positive experience involves the fulfillment of psychological needs, such as the need for competence or relatedness. In many cases, needs are fulfilled through activities, “enactments of daily life”, in which things play a crucial role. This creates an interesting opportunity for design. It may harness its ability to shape physical artefacts, but not to make them more beautiful, useful, or robust, but to create and mediate meaningful, positive experiences. Such an “experience-centered design” requires a thorough understanding of the psychology of positive experiences and how they emerge as well as strategies to design experiences and deliver them through the interaction with things. Especially when it comes to the design of the invisible, intangible (i.e., the experience), new conceptual tools and approaches to help designers are needed. In addition, interaction with a thing becomes crucial, as long as it is key in shaping practices. But what is an aesthetic interaction and how do design it?

Data Ecologies 2014. Language & Tools to think out loud about Futures.

Place:  Linz, AT
Site:  Kunstraum Goethestrasse xtd.
Date:  23.05.2014  24.05.2014
Time:  10:30


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