maneCANpiss | by Daniel Töös


Healthy and blooming plants are beautiful to look at. However, in order to keep these living friends alive, it is necessary to take care of them. Although it is said that talking to them is beneficial, watering the plants from time to time should be a good starting point.

The watering can maneCANpiss is about watering plants frequently. Like any other watering can, maneCANpiss is filled with water from the top and watering the flowers is done by a nozzle-spout. However, if maneCANpiss is filled with water, it starts to continuously lower its nozzle-spout until the water spills – at worst on important things lying at the window sill. The longer you forget to water your flowers, the more water will spill. However, to avoid spilling water you can do two things. The former is to lift up the nozzle-spout – safe with the knowledge that you cheated yourself – the latter is to water your flowers.

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