CHI’13, almost there! [updt]


Sarah Diefenbach, Marc HassenzahlMatthias LaschkeEva LenzJosef Schumann and Martin Knobel from our cooperation partner BMW Research and Technology will present on this year’s CHI in Paris.

Monday, April 29., 15:20 and Tuesday, April 30., 10:20An Interaction Vocabulary. Describing The How Of Interaction by Sarah Diefenbach, Eva Lenz, Marc Hassenzahl. Work-in-Progress Poster Session, 1st rotation. This is a result of our proTACT project.

Monday, April 29., 15:20 and Tuesday, April 30., 10:20A Trip into the Countryside: An Experience Design for Explorative Car Cruises by Martin Knobel, Marc Hassenzahl, Melanie Lamara, Josef Schumann, Kai Eckoldt, Andreas Butz. Work-in-Progress Poster Session, 1st rotation. 

Tuesday, April 30., 9:00Experiences Before Things: A Primer for the (Yet) Unconvinced by Marc Hassenzahl. Alt.chi: Experiences, Room 252B

Monday, April 29. – Thursday, May 02., ongoing: ReMind. A Transformational Object for Procrastinators by Jan Brechmann, Marc Hassenzahl, Matthias Laschke, Marion Digel. Video Showcase 

Wednesday, May 1., 9:00:  User-Experience from an Inference Perspective by Paul van Schaik, Marc Hassenzahl, Jonathan Ling. TOCHI.

Thursday, May 02., 14:00All you Need is Love: Current Strategies of Mediating Intimate Relationships through Technology by Marc Hassenzahl, Stephanie Heidecker, Kai Eckoldt, Sarah Diefenbach, Uwe Hillmann. TOCHI: Design Strategies, Room Bordeaux

We’re looking forward to meet you!

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