Warsaw, I am coming …

Fourteen years ago, I gave a talk at a workshop organized by Marcin Sikorski and Matthias Rauterberg on “Transferring usability engineering to industry”. I was a student then (Jochen  Prümper took me along and Edmund Buchbinder was with us as well), and I faintly remember staying in Zoppot, visiting Gdansk and the organ in Oliwa, having been in a discotheque with Nigel Bevan … and I believe Juri Kirakowski was singing songs after dinner. Unfortunatly, no photos and audio recording were taken. (Phones didn’t have cameras back then.)

Now, it’s time to visit Poland again … Polish IA Summit 2012, next Thursday, 19.04.2012, 9:00. Aga Szostek promised “traditional Polish cuisine”, which involves somehow “roasted duck”.

I was there (picture by Agata Rączewska) … the duck was wonderful and the beer plentiful. Thanks to Aga and the polish IA summit!

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